Scientific edition and technical advice in R&D for academia and industry.

Bioica Solutions can help you with projects in these scenarios:

Research groups that want their studies to be accepted in high-impact journals
Companies seeking to develop their own products or obtain R&D grants
Departments or star-ups that want to optimise their experimental design or do not know how to tackle a technical problem

For us, trust is essential.

We guarantee your privacy and confidentiality.

We offer personalised services adapted to each project to allows us to understand your needs and to satisfy your highest objectives.

* We guarantee a free review if you receive a language-based rejection *

Our team has extensive experience in reviewing and writing projects for public and private calls.

Thanks to the work of Bioica Solutions, researches have seen their scientific texts published and obtained the funding they were seeking.
We have developed projects in different sectors such as agriculture, distribution, computing, microbiology or pharmacology to help them achieve their technical objectives.


A scientific publication is always a challenge, especially if English is not our native language.

An adequate scientific writing facilitates the understanding, increases interest, and transmits professionalism.

If we do not meet the scientific editing requirements, our work will probably be published in lower impact journals.

A professional edition increases the probability of being published in higher impact journals and the acceptance of your grant proposals.

Our team has extensive experience in scientific publishing.

We work all kinds of scientific texts:

Scientific articles, theses, dissertations, grants, scientific posters

How does our editing service work?

Contact us and tell us which type of service you need. We will send you a contract to guarantee your data confidentiality and we will start working together once we have the documents to edit.

Our editing services:

Grammar review, spelling or best structure.

This service we has two choices:

Basic level:
We check grammar, vocabulary, and spelling.

£ 0,10 / word

Advanced level
We review grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and restructure sentences to strengthen and clarify the message

£ 0,18 / word

Delivery time: 10 working days

* For thesis, contact us to set a budget and benefit from discounts.

Different research groups have benefited from our services and have been able to meet their publication and funding objectives.

We know that a project involves a great effort, so we put great effort in meeting the established deadlines and in understanding your needs.

Bioica Solutions helps you to optimise the presentation of your results in the clearest possible way and to ensure that this is not a limiting factor for publication. However, article acceptance also relies in other such as the quality of the results, the experimental design or the novelty of the subject of study. Bioica Solutions is not responsible of these aspects of the work and, therefore, we cannot guarantee that, after the review by Bioica Solutions, the study will be published.
Language edition focuses on grammar and spelling, while scientific editing, in addition, optimises the flow of ideas to facilitate the message delivery and, therefore, is not limited exclusively to the linguistic aspect.
No, a certified interpreter must perform the translation of official documents.
The translation includes the basic format in the document. Further formatting, like edition for journals, will be added to the cost.
If the article is rejected for reasons related to our language service, we will review the work for free, as soon as possible.

Our team is made up of experienced scientists with their own track record of scientific publications and grants in different areas.
Therefore, our translators understand the publication process and can adapt a scientific text to what editors and reviewers are looking for.


The objective of many companies is to develop their own products and diversify their services for:

  • Increase independence to ensure their survival in times of crisis.
  • Position in new markets where you can obtain a competitive advantage.

At Bioca Solutions we find solutions and design strategies to solve problems.

We are interested in anything involving a challenge.

The development of new services / products, as well as obtaining funding for R&D, requires a multidisciplinary approach, often including areas we are not familiar with.

We offer external supervision so you can have rest assured that your project is well designed.

What we offer at Bioica Solutions:

In Bioica Solutions, we know the industrial market first hand, which makes us a link between the academic and industrial world and allows us to apply cutting-edge solutions to the business field to achieve the best results.

Our Bioica Solutions team relies on professionals who have a solid experience in industry and keep track of the latest innovations.

Consultancy services are increasingly used by numerous companies, because they
provide guidance to make the best decisions and stablish the best strategies, reducing costs and rising their profile.

Investment in R&D allows diversifying and developing new products and services, opening new market niches.

It allows you to find new solutions that go in parallel with the most recent scientific discoveries, placing your company at the forefront of innovation.

Our personalised advice will allow you to fully exploit the potential of your company.

We will listen to your strategies, evaluate them and propose adapted solutions. Our advice will allow you to be in the best position to explote your innovation strategy.

How can I work with Bioica Solutions?

Contact us by email and we will set up a meeting so that you can explain your objectives to us.

Once we have the required information, we will provide a contract and a budget to guarantee your privacy and confidentiality.